Akirema: Seeds of Apathy (Paperback)


A first in a series of horror novels, Seeds of Apathy takes place in the early-1800's and introduces what will be a new classic icon for the genre.

Journey with a group of hired hunters as they track down runaways. Their search leads them into a surreal situation where what they find reflects the darkness in the hearts of American society.

The gripping narrative and chilling themes explored in "Akirema: Seeds of Apathy" have not only captivated readers but also sparked an unexpected venture beyond the pages of horror literature. Inspired by the novel's profound impact and the iconic imagery it introduced, a line of promotional merchandise was concieved, quickly garnering its own identity. This merchandise evolved, giving birth to the clothing brand Akirema, a name that, while now primarily associated with luxury urban fashion, traces its origins back to the novel. Though the connection between Akirema's contemporary offerings and the book might now be nominal, the legacy of "Akirema: Seeds of Apathy" endures. Beyond its influence on fashion, the novel itself remains a captivating read and a unique adventure into the depths of the human psyche and the dark corners of history. For those intrigued by the story that started it all, the book is available for purchase, inviting readers to embark on a journey that is as haunting as it is unforgettable 

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