Akirema, which is Amerika backwards, is a brand that celebrates black culture, it's history and influence on the the world. The clothing line represents the black experience and history in an unapologetic way. Initially created to fund creative stories in a series of the same name, the clothing line has taken on an identity of its own and is more relevant than ever with endless racial injustices black people of all cultures face.

This line caters to the conscious urban individual, who has a social awareness ranging from hip-hop to politics. Those who understand that as much as things have changed many things remain the same. It's a sign of pride and confidence for the many that share or empathize with the unjust experiences others go through, and the work still needed to make change.


Available Now

 Akirema: Seeds of Apathy

A first in a series of horror novels, Seeds of Apathy takes place in the early-1800's and introduces what will be a new classic icon for the genre. 
Journey with a group of hired hunters as they track down runaways. Their search leads them into a surreal situation where what they find reflects the darkness in the hearts of American society.

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